Retirement Income Strategies

For many years, you’ve been focused on saving for your retirement and the goals you have set for yourself. But how you manage your money in and through retirement is equally important. You want to ensure that you will not outlive your savings and that you have flexibility should your goals or needs change in retirement. Just as you created a retirement savings strategy, you should also explore options for your retirement income strategy.

There's More To It Than Meets The Eye

It all looks pretty simple on the surface: You put money into your savings while you work, and you withdraw it when you’re retired. But as you know, things are seldom as cut-and-dried as they seem. Generating retirement income over what may be a 20­- to 30­-year (or possibly longer) period raises a number of questions:
  • How do you help preserve your principal so it can help generate income for your retirement?

  • How much should you withdraw each year from your retirement portfolio so you have enough for later years?

  • During retirement, how should you allocate your portfolio among stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives to provide both income and opportunities for long-term growth?

  • From which source should you withdraw first?

    • Taxable or tax-advantaged accounts
    • Traditional IRA or Roth IRA?

Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired, now's the time to act. We can help.

You Have Questions

• What can a financial advisor do for me?
• Are my investments performing the way they should?
• What is my next step?
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